Texas – Louisiana

Everything is bigger in Texas they say. We pulled into Fort Stockton late and I had to hookup at night and ran into this guy…


I have some family in Texas and that was the highlight of the stop in that state. We enjoyed some nice courtesy parking complete with 30 amp service. Very important to be able to run the A/C in Texas!


This is when we started noticing the fridge running a little warm and the excessive condensation dripping from the A/C. I started suspecting the increased humidity.

To me this is the best way to visit family. Enjoy your time together, but when it’s time to retire, you still have your own space!

From there we made an overnight stop in Louisiana. Very nice campground. It would have been nice to stay there several days. It was the first place we were able to swim a little which the kids enjoyed.

I did have to park backwards in the spot because my sewer hose would not reach. Partly because my connection is on the curb side, but mostly because the campground connection was halfway up the spot!


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