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Memorial weekend trip!


Fun camping trip at South Lake Tahoe in our 1960 Airstream!


We rented a few bikes, including a tandem built for two!



Had a good time cruising the local beaches on our bikes. Tahoe has excellent bike trails for the family.


Nice view on Rainbow Trail. If you go far enough down the bike trail, you can see an underwater view of the rainbow trout.

There is so much to see and do in South Lake Tahoe!

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Swift Hitch Review

Swift Hitch sent Colin and I a couple review units for their backup hitch system. We talked about them on Episode 185, be sure to check that out for our in-depth review.

Swift Hitch System

The Swift Hitch System consists of a battery operated monitor and a camera with a magnetic mount. The SH02 version has a battery that will last 10 hours. The idea is simple enough. You place the camera on the back of your tow vehicle and back up right to your coupler watching the wireless monitor inside your vehicle. It works great and even has IR lighting for night viewing.

Camera and monitor

Check the video for a full review and visit for more info!

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Completed wall repair

Here is the follow up from my water damaged wall repair. I injected wood glue into the affected areas and put some wood on place as a vice to hold the lifted veneer in place. Unfortunately, I must not have had enough pressure applied because the veneer didn’t completely flatten. They are at least solid now and should not peel.


Now it’s time to even out the stain. I used my old standby of restore a wood product. If you looked at my previous post, you may noticed that I returned the first can for this lighter golden oak color.


After 30 minutes of curing for the restore a wood, I added the beeswax feed to all the trailer cabinets. Here is the final picture.



While its not perfect, it’s better than building a new wall!

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Platform Step

You may have heard me mention in theVAP Episode 184 that I had the Ambassador on display at an Airstream dealer for their grand opening. All day there were people going in and out of the trailer to view the vintage greatness. With all of these people going in and out there were some who had questionable balance ability and various, shall we say, sizes. After watching several people have issues entering and exiting, I decided I needed a better step for these types of events.

After much research I found a platform step manufactured by Stromberg Carlson. I was familiar with their PA-100 Aluminum Platform Step, but during my research I found that they had designed a new step with adjustable legs. This new step is called the PA-250 and is also aluminum with adjustable heights of 6 3/4″ – 8 1/4″. Stromberg Carlson was kind enough to send me a step to review.


When you open the box, you’ll find the step in its folded travel position.


The legs fold out and lock into place. Each leg is individually adjustable which is great for leveling the platform on uneven ground. The legs are very simple and quick to adjust with the push of a button. Everything feels solid and locks into place. Very secure and heavy duty.


When the step is setup it’s very sturdy. It has a 1000 lb rating and it feels like it does. The rubber feet make it convenient to use the step indoors as it won’t scratch the floor. The platform size is large at 19″ x 14″.


My Ambassador sits pretty tall compared to most vintage Airstreams. It’s on purpose, because when I restored it I wanted it to ride high. The door entrance when the trailer is on level ground sets right about 20.5″.


With the PA-250 set to it’s highest adjustment at 8 1/4″, it makes the final step up into the trailer a little bit of a stretch. It would be nice if the legs had slightly more adjustment, but then that might make the first step too tall.


All in all, I will feel much better with people using this PA-250 Aluminum Platform Step during an open house. With it’s sturdy construction, slip resistant feet, and 1000lb rating, you can’t go wrong. Heck, we may just start using it on our family camping trips.


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Fixing water damaged walls

When I took the Ambassador to the forums rally a few weeks ago, I discovered an unpleasant sight, a bubbling water damaged wall. Every year during hard rains I venture out to the trailer to check for leaks. This year for some reason, I failed to check. The street side vent pipe cover had cracked and let water into the trailer.

I’ve sealed the leak for now while waiting for new vent covers. So now I’m dealing with the wall.

I found the wood veneer separating from the wood in several spots.



After letting the wood complete dry out, I decided to add some wood glue to the affected areas. I used hobby blunt point needles to apply glue. I purchased the needles from amazon.


I filled the needle with glue and used a drilling motion to pierce the veneer layer and inject the glue.


After wiping the excess glue, I applied some wax paper to the area and placed a board to push the veneer flat, back into place. I secured it will some wood sandwiched between the bulkhead wall.




I’m waiting for the glue to setup overnight. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

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Dealership Grand Opening Event



My setup at the dealership. It’s going to be a busy day! Even with all the new Airstreams, people love looking at the vintage ones.


It’s fun to see all the new trailers, especially inside!


For me, this is another reason to “Go Vintage” 🙂

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