Monthly Archives: April 2012

Time to shine…..again


It’s been five years since I’ve fired up the cyclo.

I decided to start at the top. I just like to give it a good compounding with F7 so it looks ok from above.

The rest of the trailer requires more work. After five years I have a lot of water spotting and stains from the birdies little gift packages. Because of this I need to be a little more aggressive.

I have decided to compound the whole trailer with F7 and then cyclo with F7 then again with S. Hopefully this will give me a decent shine. I have about 10 hours in the last two days.

I have the top compounded and the curbside between end caps. Next week I’ll start with the cyclo on the curbside. I actually prefer the compounding. The cyclo is heavy and can be somewhat temperamental. Alas, it must be done.



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