New Mexico

I had been to New Mexico and seen Carlsbad Caverns as a boy. I had talked about the cool cave to my family for years. Naturally it had to be a stop on our trip. But first was the UFO capital of the world. Roswell.


I had never been to Roswell, but like most I had heard the alien stories that surrounded this place. A natural stop for my six year old boy.

We just happen to pick Trailer Village RV Park which has a pretty cool tee shirt. Lucky for me they give one to anyone camping there in an airstream!


Next stop the UFO Museum. It’s full of corny newspaper clippings and plastic aliens, but when you’re six, it doesn’t matter. As an adult, I’d say skip it, except if you came to Roswell, you probably need to do it anyway.




Southward bound we made our way to Carlsbad Caverns, a definite must see. Made sure you get there early because the natural cave entrance closes mid afternoon, we almost missed it. This cave is full of all the natural wonders of stalactites and stalagmites you expect.





That’s it for NM. Next stop was Texas.

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