Monthly Archives: June 2008

200 Amps!

Sorry no pictures. Tonight I added a second 100aH AGM Lifeline battery in the Ambassador.

Before I put the belllypan back on I ran two #6 wires to the street side closet. I put another battery box and got it wired up. I simply wired the batteries in parallel and put a 50 amp DC auto reseting breaker within 18″ from the positive terminal on each battery. This is important incase of a wire failure to protect each battery.

Next I increased the Tri-Metric amp-hour setting to 200 so it can track the % of battery left.

I purchased the battery from Best place online for power stuff for your trailer. Ask for Randy and tell him theVAP sent you!

Going to give the system a good test soon. I’ll report back then.

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