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Check those CO and Propane Detectors!

Old Propane Alarm

After we had to use a propane heater in the trailer last year when the park lost power, I decided to change out our LP and CO detectors. I had no idea they were so old. 2006!

Check the date on back. This one was from 2006!

In case you don’t know, these need to be replaced every 5 years. The sensors decay over time. You should get an RV rated detector that is hardwired (12vdc) and made for the rough trailer life.

The new detector I got is a combo LP and CO detector. The LP has some strict rules on where it’s installed. Mine had to be at least 12 inches from an opening, like a door or window, and between 4 and 20 inches off the ground. Be sure to check your instructions carefully!

I made this video for you to check out. While your at it, subscribe to our YouTube channel and podcast! Enjoy!

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WifiRanger Osprey

WifiRanger sent us their new Osprey router. This router is intended to work in conjunction with a Winegard 360+ TV antenna.

The 360+ has integrated WiFi and LTE antennas along with the TV/FM. Check out our first look video below. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and our podcast!

Use WFRVAP for a 5% discount for WifiRanger products over at

TheVAP First Look

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