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Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

After we adopted Louie I knew we’d take him camping with us. We do some excursions that aren’t always pet friendly, so I started investigating solutions for over temp notifications.

The usual suspects on the market require subscriptions, and only alerts you to an issue. You can’t do anything about it other than hustle back to the Airstream. That is until we found the EasyTouch.

The Micro-Air EasyTouch replaces your current digital thermostat and adds Bluetooth and WiFi capability. The Micro-Air website has a handy click-though questionnaire to lead you to the model you need.

With my Dometic Heatpump’s Comfort Control Thermostat, installation was literally one cable!

The EasyTouch can operate the air, heatpump, and furnace if so equipped.

Setting up the app is a snap. Downloads are available from both Apple and Android.

Connect via Bluetooth to setup the WiFi, or just use Bluetooth when in range. You can set the notifications next.

I have a WiFi ranger with a LTE connection so I was able to receive alerts and control the thermostat remotely. That’s key so you can take care of the issue immediately!

The alert did come in handy on our maiden voyage with the EasyTouch, although it wasn’t for the dog, it was for the kids.

Me and Louie were walking and chatting it up with other Airstreamers while the kids were sleeping in. All of a sudden I got an alert on my watch that said it was 84F in the trailer! It was set to heatpump from overnight and the morning sun was heating it up. I was able to pull my phone out and turn on the a/c while on our walk!

Another benefit of the WiFi connected thermostat is the local weather is displayed. You can see the inside temperature, which my old thermostat didn’t do, the outside temp, and detailed weather info.

Plus the EasyTouch gets software updates and new features added. Before you ask, yes the display can be set to go completely dark when needed for bedtime.

I like technology, but love technology with a real purpose. The Micro=Air EasyTouch is an Easy No-Brainer addition.

They offered a $15 coupon for VAP listeners with code easy15.

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