The highlight of our trip was the Sunshine State. Our first stop there was the Big Oak RV Park. They have a huge oak tree that covers a very large area and the branches sweep to the ground and form a nice sitting area.


We did stop at a Waffle House for dinner. Whenever we passed by one my wife would mention it. How could we not make it a stop? Nice little place for a wholesome greasy meal.


About the time we hit Florida, someone else was making their way there, Tropical Storm Debby.


It was quite a drive down the state in the storm. I was glad I had installed new windshield wipers before we left. We made to Disney’s Fort Wilderness by early afternoon. Still raining of course. This is the only campground I’ve stayed at where you stay in your vehicle to register.


The Disney resort was one of the nicest campgrounds we have stayed at. The site I had was at a tough angle to back it. Luckily a fellow Airstreamer stopped by and gave me a hand. This was also the first time we used our flamingos!


At this point I started to figure out the issue with the warm fridge. The Dometic as a CLC or climate control button which I’ve never used. Luckily I keep the manual in the trailer and it said the CLC button was to be used in humid weather. So that button, and using the exhaust vent fans kept the temperature down. The A/C condensation seemed to stop dripping inside, I thought it was because I had leveled the trailer better. Turns out I was wrong about that, which I discovered later.

After three days of rain, the heat started coming. That’s when the A/C quit, which I covered in this post.

We stayed nine nights at Disney which in retrospect was too many. It locked us into the area too long. We were able to make a nice day trip to Daytona Beach before we left.


We left the Disney bubble for St. Augustine stopping at the Kennedy Space Center on the way…

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