Trip back date – Arizona

I thought I’d show some pictures from our cross country trip. We left CA for FL with no real plans or route. We just wanted to hit a few key places along the way. The first stop was courtesy parking with my nephew in southern California. It was a great visit and I got to meet my great nephew for the first time.

Next stop was the Grand Canyon. I had purchased an annual national parks pass which proved to be a wise investment as it granted us access to a few places this trip.

Campsite in Flagstaff, AZ



Next stop was the Meteor Crater. They had a nice campground right down the street from the crater exhibit. The Crater itself was interesting. I wouldn’t stay it’s a ‘must see’ but it’s a good one to check off your list.

They told us this was a fragment of a larger meteorite that formed the crater 50,000 years ago.


Well that’s it for this post and Arizona. Next post will be about New Mexico and little green men.

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2 thoughts on “Trip back date – Arizona

  1. Glen


    I think your airstream is the best ever!!
    I happen to have the exact same model and year airstream.
    This is my first time and I could sure use some pointers.
    I am located just outside Tacoma, Washington.
    I have polished several but this is my first one and I am completely restoring it.
    If you are willing, I would like to email you with a few questions. In return I will share what I’m doing with mine.

    Thank you.

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