I got an idea.

Eight hours of polishing today. That’s right, I’m a polishing machine. Or a nut….

I had a nice visit from Tom Numelin of PerfectPolish.com. Tom knew I was running out of Nuvite and decided to drop some by. How’s that for service! Thanks Tom. Really saved the day and let me put in these eight hours.

Someone asked for a couple of photos of the corrosion I have on the trailer. Here are two of the most stubborn types.



These are tough. Requiring 7-10 passes of Nuvite F7. A real chore. Tom dropped off some course grades G6 and F9. The G6 has a nice property where as its being used it drops its roughness down to an F7. Starts out course and gets finer. I found this is what I needed. I was able to get through in about 3-4 passes with the G6.

The F9 is reserved for really bad stuff like you see above. It works wonders on it requiring only a couple of passes. But it stays course, so you need to follow up with F7 so the cyclo can clean it up in the final process.

Enough talk… I basically got the curb side done from the rear to the left of the main door. Here are the photos today. This is after 27 hours.




I actually got a lot farther than I thought. When I get some time, I’m going to try the cyclo over those areas I did with the G6. I’m curious if it will clean it up w/o needing a finer grade compounding.

Oh yeah, my idea. You know the polish will really look good if people have something to relate it to. What if I only polsih the curb side so anyone seeing the trailer can see what it looked like before?…..

Anyway, thats all for today. And it’s enough!

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