Do you have OPD? No, not Overfill Protection Device on your propane tanks. I’m talking about Over Polishing Disorder.

Top 10 signs you have Over Polishing Disorder

10. When you go camping you pack the cyclo first
9. At rallies you bet your roof is shiner than anyone elses trailer
8. When you call Tom at PerfectPolish.com you ask for the usual.
7. The “usual” is three pounds of Nuvite ‘S’
6. Tom knows you by name, and your shipping address
5. You have to bring extra sunglasses for those camping near you
4. After 14 passes over the same spot, all you can say is “It’s getting there…”
3. You think silently, polishing the bellypan really wasn’t *that* hard
2. You actually get offended when someone uses the vanity mirror
1. You remove the vanity mirror

36 hours and almost half way there. I went ahead and cycloed the curb side. First with F7 then followed up with S. I got to tell you that cyclo uses a whole new set of muscles than the compounder!

So, the curbside, between end caps is done. Because of my OPD I may go over it with the cyclo and a clean wrap. Otherwise its on to the front and back. Then I’ll be turning the trailer around and starting on the street side.




If you’re keeping score at home, I’ve gone through 1lb of F7, 1/2 lb of G6, and 1/2 lb of F9. Like I said before, my main work horse polish is G6. Its working great for me. I think its because of the clearcoat on the trailer allowing for the deep corrosion. If you don’t have clearcoat you could start with F7 for compounding. Otherwise, G6 is the ticket!

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