Just say no to clearcoat

Supposedly this old 1960 Airstream was not going to have a clearcoat. At least thats what my Panel Pros told me before I bought it.

Well…. someone went back in the 60’s and got the option. Might have sounded good back then, but its not good now. Not only do you have to strip the clearcoat to polish, but the failing clearcoat leaves room for corrosion.

This trailer is full of corosion. It has filform, the worst kind, and a milky white corrosion that is tough to get off. This means 7-10 passes of F7 Nuvite on every inch of trailer. I simply don’t have the time. Perfectpolish.com, a sponsor of theVAP project, is going to send me some course grades to see if that can speed the process.

Here are some shots of the 15 hours of *progress*.



And the funhouse mirror effect….


Time to run. I need to clean all this back oxidation from my computer keyboard! 🙂

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