Start the insanity

Polishing. It’s insane. No normal person should attempt it. If you do, it will drive you mad.

Here’s the setup. Nuvite products, wool pad, half inch drill, mineral spirits, and microfiber towels.


Fully aware from experience that the wool pad flings pieces of black soiled fibers everywhere, and the dog either eats it, or walks in it then tracks it all over your carpet. Not good.

So, this time I moved to the street. Neighbors may give me a look but, hey it saves my carpet.


I got up this morning with a full intension of getting as far along as I could with the compounding. The thing with these vintage trailers is how low they set on the ground. Making it quite easy to see the top.

So, I decided to start at the top with some compounding. Just enough to bring a shine, but not taking the time to remove every blemish. The work still took about four hours. Then it got too hot and I got too tired.

The tough thing around here is the temperature. This stuff only works from 60F – 80F. When you have to work outside in direct sunlight its a challenge. Expecially after polishing a spot and then the sun reflects into it and blinds you.

Here is an after shot from our upstairs window. And a second shot from next to it.



As I vowed this would be my last trailer I’d polish, I remember that same comment I made on the last one.

I’ll never learn.

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