Is it grey water or gray water?

Which ever it is I finally have a valve in place for it. 🙂

I ended up grinding the hole the factory put in the frame rail about 1/16″ more to fit the 90 elbow in.  This allowed me to use the cheaper valve that I wanted, plus kept it simple.


And something you don’t see too often on a vintage trailer….. TWO dump handles.  Yes that’s a grey dump handle in the front.


Now that the drains and valves were done, there was only one thing left to do…  Hook up a water hose 🙂 !


Well, I’m not going to say that I did not have any leaks…..  there were a few.  Those SeaTech fittings have to pushed in absolutely straight and in completely.  My last trailer I plumbed in cpvc.  Is is a rigid pipe made for hot and cold potable water.  It uses glue fittings that are quite compact compared to the fittings for PEX.  You can make a very small manifold with cpvc and put it the way you like and you’re done.  No leaks.

PEX on the other hand is bendable.  But it also holds its bend for some time.  Its sold in a large roll which causes problems.  For one I put in the system in the Winter so everything was cold.  The pipe kept is curved shape and basically went what ever direction it wanted.  Makes for a rather poor looking system when done.  Even small sections to join together the PEX would have its *learned* bend to it and cause the fittings to go different directions than you’d like for a clean system.

/PEX rant off

These bends caused some of my fittings to not be seated well.  A few had to be redone and now rewatched (is that a word).  One other spot is the drain under the trailer from the tub.  The ABS glued fitting is leaking.  Weird!?!  Not hard to redo though.

I even ran the 110v heater on the TwinTemp Jr. to check for hot water in all the right places.  Good to report it worked well.


I filled the sinks and the tub a few times and let them drain.  They drained pretty good.  Guess my vent is working.  I was worried about the tub and bath sink since they are indirectly vented through the grey tank.  But they did fine.  Perhaps when the side inlet to the tank where they tie into is underwater it will be a different story.  I’m going to measure capacity with a 5 gallon bucket until it backs up in the tub.  I’m just curious.

Anyway, the valves worked fine.  No leaks from the toilet or the black tank.  I let it fill up part way.  I will do it again until it over flows the toilet to check for leaks.  Better now with clean water…… 🙂

Thats the grey tank being emptied.  Rare thing to see on a vintage trailer.  Consider yourself privileged!



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