Dump this project

I wonder if I can put a waste dump system together with all this stuff….


The challange was to keep the bottom of the dump valve as close to the belly pan as possible.  This part of the trailer gets mightly low to the ground when backing up an incline.  The valve I took off had a rubber peice attached to it that extended around 4 inches below the belly and it cleared my driveway by about an inch.

I have not measured this one, but it looks like it’s going to have a little more clearance.  This is another reason why I want to add more height with new axles.

The black 3″ valve is pretty straight forward 🙂 as it goes straight down.  The tricky part is tieing in the grey 1.5″ valve.  In this photo is the original factory hole in the frame rail.  I was going to have my grey line go through it, and loop back and around into the side of the valve assembly.  But it’s looking pretty tight in there for all those 90 degree elbows.


Another option is to tie in the grey plumbing directly like in this photo.  I’d have to use one of those remote valves that use a 72″ flex cable to pull the valve open.  These valves are around $60 instead of the $10 for a regular valve. 


I did have to get a handle exender to reach the outside of the belly pan.  I still need to fashion a trim peice for where the valve handle comes out.


Once I finish up this dump arrangement, with the expection of the fresh water tank, the plumbing will be complete.  I’ll just have to get up enough courage to hook a water hose up to the trailer! 🙂

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