Cable and curtains

We’ve pretty much decided on this pattern for our new curtains.  We still need to order it and get that project going.  I’m figuring on 15 yards.  It’s called Old Caraca – Meadows.


Only had time for one small project.  I made a plate for the CATV connection on the trailer.  I cut it from an old aluminum sign.


I already had the coax cable run to the street side closet so I just drilled straight through and pushed the wire out.


Added a little vulkem and a couple of screws and wala! 


Not bad, and kind of matches the water inlet.   It was either this simple idea or buy the Marinco CATV and Phone inlet.  It would have matched the Marinco electrical inlet.  But I didn’t want to go through drilling another large hole! :-)  I do have the phone cable in the closet just waiting there.   Seems like cell phones and wifi are all the communications used anymore anyway.

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