The big gun!

Round two of the clearcoat removal. 

I borrowed an electric power washer from a friend to try and get the remainiing clearcoat off the trailer.

If you remember I had all these bad spots from yesterday.


I hit them with the power washer and it did nothing :-(.  I had to go over those spots with some more Removall.  This 60’s clearcoat is much tougher than the coating that was used on my ’71 Safari.  After I let the Removall setup for a couple of hours I hit it again with the power washer.


The power washer is a nice way to do this.  I actually got less wet using it than with the hose alone.  This second pass with the stripper and washer did a good job.




There are still lots of areas with some thinned out stubborn clearcoat.  I tried my hand at hitting it with the compond polisher to see if they would buff out.  And they did with not too much effort.  So, I’ll let them slide.



No doubt I’ll have to do some follow up stripping with the Removall or Bix.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.

The power washer got a lot of dirt out from behind the decals and awning rail.  Good thing to get that dirt out before the buffing begins….

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