To couch or not to couch?

Not much going on today with the trailer.  I did finish up the screens yesterday and they look pretty good.

I cleared out the front of the trailer and started measuring.  We are wanting to get a couch bed that will at least be a double in the bed position.  Funny how the front of the trailer gets really small when you start measuring it.

I’ve measured for a 74″ wide sofa that sits out at 32″.  When in the bed position it goes to 48″.  In this photo the solid tape line is the couch position and the dashed line is when its pulled out to a bed.




You can see it does not leave much room :-(.  I need to sit five people up here for watching TV at night and for eating as well.  So I will also need some kind of a table.

The tape measures are set to 25″ designating if I built a wrap around dinette from scratch.  That would give more seating area but utimately would not be as comforatable as a comercially built couch.

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