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Today the JVC HD car stereo showed up.  It was the last item I was waiting for so I could build the electronics panel.  Its an HD radio which is supposed to pick up the new digital broadcasts stations are now putting out.  It also has an auxliary input for the iPod and television.

The electronics panel is going over the fridge.  Here is a shot of the panel.


The idea is to leave the left side available for use.  Next I had to determine the layout of the electronics.  Besides the stereo I have the Tri-Metric, See Level gauge, and the remote turn on switch for the inverter.


I was thinking there was starting to be too much oak in the trailer so I decided to pick up a piece of plastic from a supply house and laminate the panel with it. 


It turned out like I expected, but now that I see it I’m not so sure I like it.  Here are a couple of shots.



Of course its not mounted yet, but you get the idea.  The other option is to make it in oak.

What do you think?

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