Window to the World

I had a few windows left to replace the inner seals.  The originals were nasty and dried out, which makes them easy to remove.  The replacements were a contribution from Vintage Trailer Supply (tell them theVAP sent you 🙂 ).

Here is the before shot.


The new stuff just slips right it with an little help from a small flat blade screwdriver.


Just a few more to go and they are all done….


Now that the seals are finished, I had some time to replace some screens.  I knew I had a couple of bad ones that needed fixing.  I really like these 60’s Hehr windows.  The glass is flat so easy and cheap to replace, the hardware is still available and the screens just twist in place with 4 keepers.  My old ’71 each screen was rounded and had a million screws on each.

My first two are from the Joulise window.  I got the standard screen replacement tools.


Pushed the screen in with the spline tool.  I was able to use the original splines too.


Just trim the excess off and its done!


They turned out so nice and it was fairly simple to do, I decided to keep going.  My front door screen was shot to.  Here it is all fixed up.


I really was not planing on replacing them all, but since it was simple and they looked like this…..


I just kept going….



Until I ran out :-(.  I’ll pick up some more and finish them.  They really give the trailer a cleaner look.


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