Vintage Light!

The Ambassador had been missing the original sconces.  Through some help from some VAP listeners I was able to purchase a pair of 48 year old lamps :-).  I completely disassembled them, cleaned, and painted.  They turned out real nice. 

The real trick was finding the kind that takes two lamps.  Since the Ambassador is an International Landyaght, it has dual voltage everywhere.  So I have a 110vac light and a 12dc light.  These turned out to be a good match.

Here is a photo of the opening with two sets of wires like I talked about.


Here’s the light installed just like it would have looked in 1960.


Here is one with both a/c and dc lamps turned on.



I had a little time left to revisit the radio installation.  I agreed with Marc in the comments on the last post.  I don’t like the plasticy look after all. 

I also felt the many different electical panels looked too busy and modern for this 1960 trailer.  I decided to put most of the components in the pantry.  I’ll make a special panel for them up out of the way.

I do want the radio within easy reach though.  So I opted to build a small oak box for it which will sit in the same spot above the refrigerator.  Still needs sanding and staining but it should pass.  The top is removable to gain access to the wiring.



That’s it for today.  Maybe tomorrow I can finish the radio install.  Although I need to order some speakers still.  JBL are you listening…. 🙂 ?

Oops.. almost forgot.  Here are the new aluminum wheels from


Pretty sweet!  I’m going to try to arrange it so when the axle work is done, I’ll get the wheels swapped out at the same time just to avoid extra work.  I just thought you might want to see them.

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