Working the bathroom

Spent today working on the bathroom. 

The shower wall had this original green plastic wall paper.  Probably very nice in 1960.  But now it’s not too attractive.  I ended up using a poly wall board to cover it up.

It was quite a challange to make a template to match that pattern of the wall.  Turned out ok, but I need to hang out with a boat builder for a day to learn how to do this right. 🙂

Here is a before photo of the shower.


Here is the after shot with the new wall board in place.  I still need to caulk the wall side.


Next it was time to clean up the original aluminum trim.  I sealed behind it the same way it was originally with butyl tape.


I moved on to the sink and countertop in the bathroom.  It is much easier to install the faucet and drain with the countertop on the work bench! 🙂


I used some rubber edging that I stapled to the side of the countertop to give it a clean installed look without having to use silicone, since that tends to crack and come apart in a trailer.


The countertop is set in place on the vanity.  I have not screwed it down yet because I want to hookup the waterlines etc.


More to come…

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