Inverter Transfer Switch

I got the inverter transfer switch done.  I was originally going to go with two outlets and manually switch a plug back and forth depending on if we wanted AC or inverter. 

After thinking about it more, I decided to make it automatic with a 30 amp DPDT relay.    When the inverter is off, all the curbside outlets get power from the regular breaker box.

When we are not hooked up to AC line power we can turn the inverter on which powers the relay and puts inverter power to all the curbside outlets.  The main reason is this is where I intend to mount the LCD TV’s and we want to be able to use them if boondocking or dry camping for the night.

Here’s a shot of the relay installation.



Turned out pretty nice and works well.  For a test, even though its an 800 watt inverter it can surge higher and has overload protection, I plugged in a 1500 watt space heater :-).  It ran it for the 30 seconds I left it on.  And it drew 92 amps from the 12vdc battery according to the Tri-Metric! 🙂

I also was able to get the curbside bed mounted.  The wall side had to be raised about 3/8″ because of the floating floor.  So I got it all screwed back together and ready to go.


That’s it for now…

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