Non-glamorous work

Not a good day to be working on the cold cement on my back all day.  It was about 28 degrees out this morning.  Yet some reason I penciled in today as getting the grey tank finished.  It needed a couple of more mounting straps and the lines running into the cross members needed to be lined with rubber.

First thing I needed to do was raise the trailer.  It sits too low to crawl under and I have a lot of work to do down there.  So I hitched it up, first time in many months.  I was able to check out the eletrical connections to the truck and everything worked great.  Brakes, lights, the charging circuit as verified by the Tri-Metric.  This was cool.

Next I pulled it forward a few feet and put some wood under the wheels so I could have more clearance underneath.

I added two 3/4″ angle iron straps to give better vertical support for the tank.  Now it has four straps total.  All tighened down securely.  I also lined the piping going through the cross memebers with some rubber hose sliced down the side.  Here is a picture.


While I was under there I driled through the remaining cross memeber as needed to get my piping back to the bathroom.


Here’s another shot so you can see the tank mounting.


That black abs pipe is just there for a test fit.  I will be using rubber couplers at the tank connections for some wiggle room.  Although the tank is in there pretty solid now :-).

You won’t believe how long it took to do all of this.  Lets just say, forever!

I did manage to get the kitchen drains in place and a main drain line run back toward the tank input inside the trailer.  Here is a shot under the kitchen sink.


Yes, there is a trap.  I mounted it at the wall instead of directly under the sink so it would not take up vaulable storage space.  Here is the trap from below the shelf.


The white pipe running off the photo toward the left couples to a 1.5″ black drain pipe which runs toward the tank.  It will tee off there and continue toward the street side closet for the vent stack.

Now that the holding tank is secure, I can finish up my drain lines.  After that, maybe hookup some water to the trailer and see what happens! 🙂


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