Add 9 and done…. for now

I put in three hours a day the last three days. That puts me at a total of 90 hours, or 20 hours for my polishing update.

I looked closed at the curbside and noted that even though I cyclo’d with F7 then again with S, there are still lots of compounding swirls. Like I said earlier I think you have to cyclo with F7 until the swirls are gone. I’m out of polishing steam…

On the street side I just cyclo’d once with F7 and left it at that. Its comparable to the curbside. So my advice is to not waste the S polish until you have the swirls gone from earlier work.

Anyway, I finished up the front of the trailer, including a quickie job on the propane tanks. So I’m done for the year.

Next is to hand polish a coat of Nu Finish on it. Then I’m done. I’ll take some decent photos then. I do have this one photo from my phone I took….



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