4 more make 81

I put four more hours in today. Basically I now have the curb side finished save the wax.

I tried an experiment. On the rear end cap after compounding with C, I went straight to cycloing with S. Turned out pretty well. One thing is at night with headlights shinning on it you can still see the swirls from the compounding.

So the test was I did the rest of the side in two steps. I cyclo’d with F7 then again with S. Although I have not shinned a headlamp on it, the verdict….. direct to S is fine for me.

There are still swirls after the two steps. Basically its because you probably need to do the F7 cyclo about 3 – 4 times and only do a two-square foot area at a time and move the wrap cloth more often. I am not about to put that much time into it on a 28 foot trailer!

So the street side will get direct to cycloing with S after the compounding with C. Your mileage may very.

So as I type this I have a grand total of 81 hours into the polish job with an estimate of another 10 – 12 to complete this touch up. I need to compound the street side and front of the trailer and do the two propane tanks.

Here are some photos. Note, taking photos of polished trailers at dusk is cheating… they all look better that way.




This last one is the street side and can be used as a before photo on the curb side..


Thats it for now…. Compounding continues tomorrow….

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7 thoughts on “4 more make 81

  1. Taylor

    Man, that is going to be blinding on the highway on a sunny day.

    The reflect may be intense enough to be seen from space!

    Great Job

  2. Lynn James

    You may have another 10 to 12 hours left, but the results obviously speak for themselves. That Airstream is absolutely beautiful.

    Lynn James
    Webmaster of HCGDropsonline.org
    HCG Drops

  3. Jenan Griego

    I think it is looking really good! It would be a shame to let such a beautiful thing not get the love it deserves! This 81 hours plus 10 more to go thing is real commitment!

  4. Jack Stone

    That is one sweet ride! It looks like a silver bullet traveling along the road! Great work on the polish, but 81 hours?! That’s some serious elbow grease.

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