More plumbing

I thought I was done with plumbing. But alas, I am not.

Not only do I need to plumb the hydrolic lines for the brakes, but I needed to *plumb* some brake wires to the e/h actuator.

Turns out, lacking my proper instruction, my welder pulled the original brake wire out of the belly pan when he put on the new axles. Basicaly the bellypan fell down and he pulled the wires out before screwing the pan back.

So, I needed to string a new brake control wire and the seperate emergency brake away wire to the e/h actuator. Since I’m putting the actuator under the streetside bed, that means stringing the wire from the hitch to the middle of the axles. So I ran some grey plastic conduit.


That got my wires where I needed them. I mounted the actuator and wired it up. I also plumbed the hydrolic line to a tee under the belly pan. Now I have to wait for the rest of my plumbing kit from BluDot.


He is a shot from under the trailer. You can see the conduit going up with the wires and the side of the tee. The shot after is a bad one but shows the pipe coming out of the belly pan and into the tee.



Thats about all I could do with the brakes for now. I need the plumbing parts still. Should be here tomorrow.

This is not fun anymore….

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