Let there be gas

I picked up the couple of fittings I needed today to hook up the regulator.

I’m a little disappointed as I purchased a new propane rack and a new regulator as well. You would think the regulator bracket and modern regulator would line up and mount nicely. Not! I had to drill mounting holes in the bracket and get self tapping #6 screws for the regulator as the holes in it weren’t even threaded. No big deal, just more trips to the hardware store and more time.


Like my new tank? I don’t have propane in my new Worthingtons so I used my BBQ grill tank as a supply. I shut off the valves leading to the appliances and turned on the gas armed with my leak detecton solution.


Back on my back again, under the trailer spraying each connection. You have to spray it really good and wait for 5 – 10 seconds, looking for bubbles. Don’t skip this step. I thought I had them all as tight as I could, but ended up with four small leaks on the flair nuts. They just needed to be tightened even more. ALWAYS use two wrenches! One to tighten the nut and the other to hold the part you’re tightening into.

Next I turned on one valve at a time and checked the connection on the valve output and the appliance connections inside the trailer. After about 15 minutes of checking and tightening. No more leaks. I’m still buying a propane alarm for the trailer though…

Proof is in the pudding as they say. Here is the cooktop with all three burners running.


I switched the fridge to gas only and it lit up fine, same with the TwinTemp Jr. So after filling the new tanks, the propane system is done.

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