Two more leaks stopped …. I hope

Durring the last couple of light rains I noticed water running down the window seal inside the curbside trailer bedroom.  Closer examination I found the original tape bedding for the glass had failed across the bottom.


I tried to gently loosen up the remaining tape, and CRACK! went the glass, both of them.  So today I stopped at the glass shop and had them cut me two new ones.  I had to settle for 1/16″ because they did not have 3/32″.  The nice thing about these 60’s windows is the glass was $11 each, any glass shop can cut for you.  Not some special expensive and hard to get window.

So I did not feel to bad about having to do this….


You guess it.  I had to break it out in peices in a controlled fashion.  It would have come out in peices anyway.


Wearing gloves I removed the larger peices of glass and dropped them to a waiting trash can below.

After cleaning up the old bedding tape and adding new.  I now have two new windows, that hopefully don’t leak.


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