Lights done

You’d think it would be simple, remove the lights, clean them up, repaint, and mount them back… 

Well, the problem is they are 47 years old.  The nice thing about each light is they are both 110vac and 12vdc, but that doubles the wiring.   On one light the switch was broken, another the wire was busted off the 12v convience outlet.  Yet another 12vdc light that did not work the wire was bad out of the wall, and another had a broken lense.  Each item needed attention.  Time adds up.

The original ceiling lights were carefully painted by a previous owner….

I decided to remove them, and simply spray paint them with the same bronze metalic paint.  After I did the paint started bubbling.  It was wierd.  I guess the PO’s green paint and my bronze paint don’t mix.

So I decided I would need to strip them first.  Out comes the left over Removall.


After the first application of removall I noticed these were aluminum.  I decided to do a second application of removall and see how well they cleaned up.  Maybe I would not repaint them at all.

Turns out they looked pretty good.  Bare aluminum again…  Look out CCD…



And after working through all the bugs I mentioned, I have 110v and 12v throughout as it was meant to be.


Just after I got cleaned up and came in the house, I found an auction for 4 matching leg-o-matic chairs on ebay was ending.  After a crazy bidding frenzie, I won these.


The only problem is they are cherry and the Ambassador is all oak.  I’m not sure how much they will clash.  We will see.  Can always ebay them again….

We went to the local AS dealer this morning to turn in our paper for the free Wanderlust book.  While there I was able to check out a couple of Basecamps, pretty neat little trailer.

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