More bunk….

I got called into work this morning at 4:30am, so I did not get to do everything I wanted with the bunk.  Basically I was able to remove the upper cabinet on the street side and make the mounts for the bed.

It’s a shame to remove that cabinet, it was in great shape.  Its too big for me to store so it will likely meet the trash dump soon. 🙁

Here is the bed up on its mount.


Here is a closer view of the stringers I made out of 2×2 oak.

And lastly a photo of the bed in the up position.  I’m just holding it there now.  I’ll probably wait until I get the mattress before mounting the latches to be sure I get them positioned right.


I still need to find these brakets or make them some how.  These keep the bed from falling off the stringers.




Anyone have any leads let me know!

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