More bunk business

Worked on the bunk bed some more today.  Actually I worked on it yesterday but had no time to blog it since we did a show last night.

Here is a view of the bottom as I started to sand it.


I was just going to sand it down and stain it, but I happened to see the oak edging strips that you iron on.  It hides the end grain of the plywood.  For $6/roll I thought I give it a try.  Remember, I’m not a woodworker at all.  Just a guy with a skill saw and a dull blade so this is all new territory for me :-).


Basically you just set the iron to cotton and start ironing on the trim.  It has glue built into it and starts going on pretty easy.  I then took the roller and hit it pretty hard with that.  This stuff is real wood, so you can sand and stain it.


The edging is a little wider than the wood so you have to trim it.  They make a special edge trimmer for about $8, but since I’m most likey not going to be doing this again, I just used a razor blade. 


After practicing on the bottom, I went over the top.  Trimmed then hit it with the sander again.  I’m pretty impressed.  It gives it that extra detail.



Tomorrow will be staining, removing the existing upper cabinets, and building the bunk supports.

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