The rivets are here!

My Olympic rivets showed up.  That means I get to put on my panels.  I really need to get this trailer sealed up before the rains come.  The weather is so goofy durng winter here it can rain one day and be sunny the next.  So I need to be ready.

Here are the tools I laid out for the job.  A power drill, air riveter, vulkem, and the Olympic rivets.


Here is the opening where the original gas water heater was.  When I got the trailer, that had been replaced with a small household 110vac unit.  I pulled that out and since I am not putting in a standard water heater, I need to cover the opening.


How come when I started it was light out, and when I finished it was dark already?!  Means it’s getting dark earlier around here. :-(  In a couple of weeks, along with the time change, it will be dark around 5:30pm. 🙁 🙁 Won’t have any time during the week to work on the the outside of the trailer.

Here is the panel done, but not cleaned up yet.  I still need to buy/borrow a rivet shaver!  Just look at that shine.  Maybe I should replace the rest of the aluminum, then I wouldn’t have to polish the trailer!


It took a little more time than I’d like to admit, so I only got the one panel done :-(  I will have to finish the others over the next few days.

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