Panels Done!

One more step to waterproofing!

I was able to put a couple of hours if work on the trailer today and finished up the panels I needed to keep the water out!

Here is a daytime shot of the panel I did the other day.  I cleaned up the vulkem a little.  Still need a rivet shaver!


Here is the next panel installed to cover the orginal furnace opening.


On the right side of the door, the bellypan was torn.  I think this may have been due to a loose outrigger which has been repaired in the welding phase.


So, I decided to plate over it while I was doing the rest.  Turned out pretty good to me.


I had made a duplicate for the left side which does not have a problem, just to make it match, but I decided not to install it.

I know all these panels really stand out now, but as soon as the rest of the trailer is polished, they will blend right in.

That’s all for now 😉

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