Time for gaskets!

Had a couple of hours today to work on the Ambassador.

Got my order in from Vintage Trailer Supply, a project contributor!   New door gaskets were in my order.  I planned to replace the gasket on the door, the door-in-a-door, and the trailer opening.  Well, like all the projects on this trailer, things took longer than I thought.

Took two trips to the hardware store to get the right dremal bit to clean off the old gasket material.  Basically its a small 60 grit sanding drum.  cleaned it right up.

And boy did it need it.  You call this a gasket?!?!


Here is the finished product on the door only.  I’ll get to the rest of them asap.  It looks like rain here 🙁


This gasket has sticky backing on it already.  No need for gasket adhesives.  I hope it holds up to the Summer heat! 

Oh well, one gasket closer to water tightness!

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