One little project, one not so little.

I had some time to kill today, so I thought I’d replace the mirror that cracked on the last trip.  If it’s in a vintage Airstream is it more than 7 years bad luck?

Pretty easy job, just a swap really.

Next up was replacing the shower curtain.  I had purchased the new curtain a year ago, but never had enough energy to tackle it.  It requires the sewing machine!!!

The old curtain was about 12 years old and the tabs kept coming off.  I hand sewed them back in the day and a few times over the years.  Time to do a new one!

I laid it out for the template and cut the new curtain.

Next up was hemming the bottom then sewing the dreaded plastic tabs back on.  Only bent one needle!  🙂

I tapped the plastic tabs into position and picked some crazy zig-zag stitch.  And away we go!

Slide them back in the track one by one.

I did spay some lithium grease to help.  Secure the end with the screw and…..

New curtain!  Took a couple of hours.  Well, a year and a couple of hours.  Hope it lasts another 12 years!

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As you know we did a show called LEDs 101, which you can find here.  You may not know that Steve at M4 LED has setup our listeners with a special discount code.  Use VAP5 for 5% off your entire order.  It works for any of their products.  Pass it on!

Tim's LED Referral Page

Check out my LED Referral Page


Since there are a lot of LEDs available, I put together a referral page for the ones I used.  I also have some review videos too.  You can find all that info here.

Happy LEDing!



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