theVAP Retires

It’s time. After over 16 and a half years I’m retiring from theVAP.

We’ve had a great run. Much longer than any of us thought. I like to think that we have helped hundreds, if not thousands make their Airstream dream come true.

In over 400k downloads in multiple countries, we have talked with the Airstream CEO, rock stars, polishing gurus, Airstream entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over. Each has contributed to the longevity and entertainment of the show! Thank you!

The fun in creating the show each week was possible from the Panel Pros, Colin Hyde, and Rob Baker! Thank you to them!

In 2005 when I had the idea for an Airstream podcast, I sent an email on an Airstream list, and Rob answered up. He had recently started working with Colin on his own restoration. The dream team was born!

Over the years each of you had a big role as well. Calling and emailing with your questions and comments for the show made it so much more interactive for us. Seeing the photos of your field finds, in-progress work, and restorations, was very exciting for all. Answering your questions each show was fun, and let us banter back and forth on each topic. You’d get the Pro answer, and some of my weekend mechanic input! So a big Thank You to you, the listeners of the Vintage Airstream Podcast!

Lastly, I have enjoyed learning from all of you, the Panel Pros, and through my own restoration and travel experiences. The writing of my book, Restoring a Dream, was another accomplishment I had never imagined. Thank you all for the support over more than a decade and a half!

Where do we go from here?

I will continue to release Vintage VAP (reruns) for as long as there is an audience. I’m thinking of sprinkling in some Airstream Stories episodes.

I would like to do one on one discussions with Airstream owners about their Airstream life, vintage or not. If you’re interested talking about your own adventures whether it be your travels, personal airstream experiences, or restoration, send an email to

Thanks again and I hope to see ya down the road…..

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