MoonShade Awning by

I’ve always wanted an awning ready to deploy when taking our 1960 Airstream Ambassador out around California. The problem for me was keeping to the 1960 period correct of my Airstream, and also keeping it stream-lined.

They did have awnings available back in 1960 of course, but getting one now to look correct would be having a custom one built. And they are hard to put up and down each time.

When I came across the MoonShade, I thought wow, this looks promising! MoonFab was nice enough to send me one out for review.

It’s not much larger than a portable camping chair and around 8lbs when packed away.

They offer many different anchors for the awning including, suction cups, magnetic mounts, etc. But the one we are interested in is the awning rail anchor.

3/8″ Awning rail anchor

These make it a snap to install on our vintage Airstreams that have original awning rails.

With anchors in place, the setup is easily less than 10 minutes by yourself, and you won’t even need a ladder! Check out our video to see step by step how to set it up and the other uses you’ll find for the MoonShade.

MoonFab has provided a discount code for $30 off for our listeners. Use code VAPMOON30OFF on checkout or simply click here and it will be added for you. The code is valid until 8/31//2022.

The only real downside is the size, being 9ft × 7ft. If they made one a bit larger that would be perfect!

Thanks MoonFab!

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