LED Night Lights

Always room for more LEDS!

I mounted my solar controller in the street side closet to be closer to the batteries.  The only problem is the LCD on the display is not backlit.  Every time I wanted to read it I had to use my phone as a flashlight.  I decided to mount a small LED light above it.


Mini LED License Plate Light

I searched out some cheap surface mount lights and found these mini LED License Plate lights (Amazon Link).  I actually picked them up cheaper at a local auto parts store.

These have two bright LED chips.  Almost too bright.  The chips are on one side of the board in the plastic housing.  To reduce the light, I aimed the light up into the cover, which made the light the perfect brightness for what I was looking for.

I mounted one in the closet above the solar controller and it turned out great.

LED light above panel.

LED light above panel.


I decided to add two more for night lights in the trailer.  I put one under the street side bed where the kick plate is located and another at the end of the kitchen counter.

Nightlight under bed

Nightlight under bed

Nightlight at the end of the counter.

Nightlight at the end of the counter.

A couple of switches in the closet finish off the installation.  One is for the panel light, and the other for the night lights.  I left room for another switch or two.  Ya never know….

LED light switches

LED light switches

Fun little addition to the lighting in the Ambassador.  The best part is the lights only draw .1amp each!  Won’t be a problem running them all night to keep the boogie man away!






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