VAP Window Cling

I found a place that would make window cling decals instead of the stickers we’ve used in the past. I ordered a couple of samples to check them out. They look pretty nice. The only problem is they are more expensive than the stickers.


The decal didn’t come with the plastic applicator. I had one. You’d need to substitute an old credit card.






I think it turned out pretty well. Do you think we should offer them? It would be more than the stickers.

Of course you’ll need two. Can’t leave out the tow vehicle!


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5 thoughts on “VAP Window Cling

  1. John

    Looks like the cling would be more popular that the sticky goo. About what would the pricing look like? We have 5 Airstreams here at Airstreams4rent.

  2. Tim Post author

    It’s looking like around $12.50. But I’m looking at a 3″ version so it will fit on jalousie windows.

  3. Tom

    Are you kidding? the Spam word is Ikea? LOL The logo looks cool. I’m up for it but since I’d need two, the $12.50 is steep. What about adding CDs too?

  4. Kathy

    I’ll take 3. The cost is low compared to the time required to remove goo when selling my truck….no worries about my trailer ad I’m never selling my Airstream!

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