Loose ends

I took care of some loose ends on the trailer today. I tested the water heater to see how the electric would help in heating. From a cold tank to heated with gas only it took 29 minutes. With gas and electric it took about 15 minutes. So thats a nice improvement.

I had a helper most of the day.

My helper today.

Here is another shot of the water heater.

Water heater

I cleaned up the brackets and holes left from the last water heater. Here’s a final shot.

Outside picture

If you remember on the show, I mentioned that we got stuck in a field on our big trip this summer. After trying to turn around we damaged the gas line to the refrigerator. I decided to go ahead and change it out.

Gas line under trailer for fridge

Here is the kink in the line. It wasn’t too bad after I pulled it off.

Kink in line

I stil had some copper left from the work I did before. So I gathered my tools and went to work.

Gas line tools

Here is the new line installed.

New gas line installed

Checked for gas leaks of course!

Gas leak solution

The last thing was to tighten up my black and grey tank handles. The gray one fell off during our trip! I picked up some lock tight and it was dried out. Even though it was new! Ugh.

I painted the black tank handle black. Seemed to make sense.

Black and gray valve handles.

Trailer should be road ready again!

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