Small Things

A few weeks ago when I was working in the Ambassador I stepped on the shower curtain and pulled three of the curtain tabs loose.

So today I took a few minutes to sew the tabs back on. You can get these tabs from Vintage Trailer Supply.

Here is a shot of the tabs I sewed on the curtain.



Here is the final product.


Since I had the needle and thread out, I went ahead and fixed the room divider. It has metal rods that help form the curtain and they were all loose because the thread holding it together are missing.


There were lots of bad spots on this divider. This took forever to fix by hand. We have one of those portable handheld sowing machines but I have no idea how to use it…. bad for me. At least its done and holding together.


Ya, its ugly,,, but done.

Last little job was the door stop. There was a dried up rubber door stop to keep the door handle from contacting the trailer skin. I had purchased a rubber plug and made a replacement but it did not last.

I happened to run across a rubber foot from an old piece of electronic equipment. It looked perfect for the job.




That should do it. Nice to be down to such small repairs 😉

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