For Frank & Anna

I see that Frank is polishing his Airstream Overlander. Poor chap. I can’t let him go through this alone. So I decided to give my trailer a once over again.

I pulled it out of the side yard yesterday, nearly ripping the street side off. Now there’s a story….


It was about a year ago I did my first round of 70 hours of polishing. The temperatures got too high, 85-90 degrees around June. So I decided this time to get a head start. I figure I got a month before I can’t polish anymore.

Only this time I’m just going over once. I’m compounding with C and will follow up with cycloing with S. For those who use tool box polish, those letters refer to polishing grades of aircraft polish called Nuvite. Check it out at Perfect Polish and tell Tom, theVAP sent you.

Men at work….

Sitting down on the job…


Got two hours in today. About 2/3’s of the curbside compounded.

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