Updating the jack

When I purchased the trailer just over a year ago now, the coupler was old and the original jack was busted. So while in Ohio I stopped at the Mothership, Airstream, and had a new coupler put on.

At the time I also needed a jack so I picked the cheapest manual jack for $25. Always intended to replace it with an electric model. I had it on my ’71 Safari after all…

Barker Manufacturing decided to become an Ambassador Contributor by donating a Super Jack. Its the same model Airstream has been putting on for years. The model is a 12806 3500lb jack with light. The nice thing is the color matches the trailer nicely.


So that was my job today, replace the jack. Here is my manual one. Its nice, but hey, its manual labor.


So I put a jack stand under the A frame and removed the jack. That was the easy part.


Now, fitting the new jack in, well I ran into a problem. I figured it would fit perfectly since I had the Airstream factory put on the new coupler. Well, it turns out the coupler is only on the top part you see. On the bottom there is a plate welded to the A frame with another hole to accept the jack tube. That hole was too small for some reason.

So, out came the dremal. The only grinding tool I have. Fourty-five minutes and two bits later, the hole was just big enough. I slid the jack in place and bolted it back in nicely. I had already pre-wired 12vdc to the area knowing I’d be getting a power jack.


Well, there ya have it. Another job completed. And not nearly as tough as the ones I’ve been doing lately.

Looks good too.

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