Couch mounted…

If you look at the June 12th entry you can see along the wall some plumbing and wiring that needed to be covered up. Believe it or not, originally there was a water pipe running along the base of the wall as well. They covered it up with a decorative screen just pop riveted in diagonally from the wall to the floor.

I decided to do it a little more difficult :-).


With that done I was able to use some wood lag screws to secure the couch. So now that its all screwed down I thought that I would show you how it makes into a bed.

First you remove the arms and back cusions.


Next you pull up and forward on the black handle. That causes the back to slide down to make the foundation for the rear part of the bed.


Now the three cushions that you sit on are actually all connected together as one peice. The simply fold back and create the mattress. Note the drop down legs at the front. I really like that. I’m sure we’ll be sitting on the edge of the bed, or the kids jumping on it and I won’t have to worry about a leverage problem with the mounting. A nice touch.


Its a nice sized bed ready to use. It measures 51″ wide x 74″ long. Just under a standard queen. Not to bad.

Here is another shot from the doorway.


As you can see, even when the bed is out, it does not block the doorway at all.

Now I need to figure out some kind of dinette table. It will either be a free standing with flip down sides or a wall unit that folds out….

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