Couch is here!

Man it’s getting hot. Over 90 degrees today. No time to polish. Its after 8pm and it’s still over 80.

I did get about 5 hours yesterday. Four before work and one hour in the evening. That brings me to a total of 60 hours. I have everything but the very front under the original battery box compounded. I’ll be getting up early tomorrow and try and get a head start. I’ll compound that area a little, but its pretty badly corroided. I need to move on to the quickie cyclo job to get done for the season.


The new couch/gaucho showed up today by freight truck. We ordered it about six weeks ago. So if you intend to order one thats how long it takes. My dad came by and we dry fitted it in the trailer.


The flash kinda washed it out, but it looks nice.


When it opens to a bed, it come up just to the right hand side of the door opening. So it doesn’t block the doorway at all. I like that. Tonight I lined it all up and pre-drilled the mounting holes in the floor for the lag bolts. But I didn’t fasten it yet. I have some trim work to do first on both sides of the couch.

I also added the strap hardware for the LCD TV’s so they can be velcro strapped in place during transit.


Thats it for now. Hope I can get up early to polish. Weather man is forcasting over 100 degrees over the next several days….

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2 thoughts on “Couch is here!

  1. Susan Averill

    What is the model number for your couch? I absolutely love it and I am thinking of ordering for my 1960 tradewind!!

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