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As promised here is the actual order information I used.

Dexter is very flexible on their axles. You can get a number of different sizes, weight ratings, spindles, brakes, mounts, everything. And their engineering department is nice to work with after you’ve educated yourself a bit.

Goto Dexter’s website and read up on axles and how to measure before you call so you have something to discuss. After you have your questions answered and you’re comfortable with the terminology then you can head to a Dexter dealer and ask for what you want.

Here is a nice Dexer resouce on axle measurement.

Here is the order form I used.


Here are my specs:

#10 Axle w/camber
Hubface: 75.38″
Hydrolic Disc brakes
“A” Spindle
6-5.50 hub
32 degree down trail
RC 3000lbs
Low Profile Reverse mounting brackets
OB 58.38″
Side mount hangers

#10 axle is their specification for the size. Normally their #10 axle comes with 5 bolt pattern hubs. Airstream uses 6 bolt hubs. So I specified the Type “A” spindle which increased the size of the brakes/spindle, and allowed for the 6 bolt hub.

Hubface is the distance between hub to hub where the tires bolt to.

6 on 5.5″ spacing is the wheel bolt pattern

32 degree down trail is the start angle on the torsion arm. Usually Airstream uses 22.5 but I wanted a little more height.

RC is the weight rating of the axle. After weighing my trailer, 4100lbs w/o the AC, couch, or water tank, I decided on a total capacity of 6000lbs.

Low profile reverse brackets. Dexters standard mounting bracket is exactly opposite of what Airstream used on their torsion installations. By specifying reverse mount, side mount, you can get the brackets that will be in the right spot to bolt to your axles. (not that the holes will line up though)

OB, Outside Bracket. This is the outside frame to outside frame measurement.

Keep in mind, this are MY measurements and specs. Yours WILL BE different. I just wanted to post this so that you can be armed with a little more information when you are working with your Dexter dealer.

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