Restoring the Lego-O-Matics

I picked up four leg-o-matic chairs that are from the 50’s. They suit the trailer well. The seats are pretty well worn as is the wood. Time to get to work.



I was able to get some new foam and I also ordered matching fabric for the gaucho we purchased. Cutting foam is a difficult chore until you learn the secret. An electric carving knife. I picked this one up from Walmart for $3. Worth it for sure. Cuts foam like butter.


Next was just removing the old and installing the new. Here is the seat going together.


I also restored the wood with Howards Restore-A-Finish. Same stuff I used on the cabinetry in the trailer.


And the final glamor shot in the trailer….


Thats all I had time for today. I have enough material to go against the wall near the twin beds, just like the Internationals came with…. Sorry Rob… 🙂

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