Round 4

Decided to tackle the laminate problem again.  I need to get this counter top done!

I went ahead and started from scratch.  I got some more 5/8th plywood and got started.  Here I have it square with the bulkhead wall but its way off on the back.  So I used a compass to scribe it.


After I had that mark, which was just a slight angle, I cut it with the skill saw and it fit great.


I decided on about an 1-1/4″ overhang.  I added a 1/2″ x 3/4″ edge molding to give it some thickness.  Here are some steps I did to help not have the same problem as before which was cutting into the edge laminte as I trimmed the top.

  • Used the skill saw to cut the edges flush after I added the edge molding
  • Sanded the laminate edges between each piece as it was applied
  • Put double thickness of tape on the edges before trimming the top
  • Moved the router quickly and in a back and forth maner
  • Went wide on the corners and came back over them instead of hugging them close
  • Sanded the edges with a sanding block

In any case the results were worth the effort.  Who says 3rd time’s the charm…


I had some extra time to add some oak molding to the edge of the bulkhead wall.  You can compare this with the photo above.  Turned out nice.


Next I put some trim on the bathroom vanity.  Here are the before and after shots.



Not bad for an ameatur.  Besides the router the only woodworking tools I have are a circular saw and the jig saw.  It would be nice to have a table saw if I needed to make a straight cut. 🙂

Good thing it’s an Airstream. 

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