Refrigerator Cabinetry

Today was the day to finish working on the fridge cabinet.  I needed to install that bulkhead I had made, build a shelf for the top of the fridge and make a chimney.

I also wanted to build the electronics panel but I have to buy a stereo for the trailer still.

My dad came by to help carry an entertainment center into the house so he got suckered into helping build my shelf.

I did not bring the camera out this morning so I don’t have any during photos.  Basically we laminated a shelf for the fridge top, mounted the bulkhead wall, and made chimney with 1/8″ oak.

Here’s a shot of the shelf.  The wire coming through is the 12vdc fan lead for the chimney fans.  The whole right side of this opening is where I plan on having the stereo, Tri-metric, SeeLevel Gauge, and the remote turn on for my inverter.


Here’s a shot from the front and one from the back.



I was then able to get the original cabinet mounted back in to the left of the refrigerator.  I also built a top for it that still needs to be laminated.  I ran out of glue and time.

I was going to make the counter top curved like I did on the kitchen counter but it proved to stick out too far so I just made it like original.  Now I’m wishing I just made the kitchen counter square as well.  Because its kind of out of place now.


The little door on this cabinet on the left of the photo needs to be redone.  Its de-laminating.  Also the piece it closes onto is shot too.  I ran out of 1/8″ oak so that will be a project for another day. 

Oh, by the way.  The entire bulkhead wall has buytl putty tape running down where it meets the wall.  The chimney cover is glued along the sides and the tops and bottoms have a foam rubber gasket.  These steps should help keep the fumes out of the living area. 

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